What Is Invisalign & How Can It Fix Your Smile?

May 6, 2024

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We’re excited to share the inaugural episode of the Charles River Orthodontics Podcast, where Dr. Nina Khedkar provides an in-depth look at Invisalign – the revolutionary orthodontic treatment that has helped countless patients achieve their dream smiles. In this informative conversation, Dr. Khedkar shares her expertise on what Invisalign is, how it works, and the various orthodontic issues it can address.

Key Takeaways:

  • Invisalign uses a series of clear, removable aligners to gradually straighten teeth
  • It can effectively treat issues like underbite, crowding, gaps, crooked teeth, and more
  • In some cases, Invisalign is used in combination with traditional braces for optimal results
  • Invisalign offers advantages like being nearly invisible, removable for eating/brushing, and often faster treatment times compared to braces
  • The Invisalign treatment process involves digital scans/impressions, a customized treatment plan, and changing aligners every 1-2 weeks

Here are some highlights from Dr. Khedkar’s insightful discussion:

On how Invisalign compares to braces for treating underbite:
“Invisalign can absolutely treat an underbite, and it does it a little bit differently than braces would. With the trays, we’re able to really torque and tip those teeth to unravel them and get them in the right position in the bone.”

Regarding Invisalign’s ability to relieve TMJ symptoms:
“If we can realign the bite and put the teeth in the proper position, it can absolutely alleviate some of those [TMJ] symptoms. The trays really allow us to settle the bite in ways that traditional braces can’t always do.”

On determining if a patient is a good candidate for Invisalign:
“We look at a lot of different factors – their age, the complexity of their case, the specific tooth movements required. We also consider their lifestyle and preferences. Invisalign is great for a lot of people but it’s not the perfect solution for everyone.”

To learn more about Invisalign and whether it may be right for you, we encourage you to watch the full podcast episode. Dr. Khedkar goes into greater detail on the many applications of Invisalign and what patients can expect from the treatment process.

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